My name is Jacob, I’m 26, living in Chicago. I listen to a lot of punk, played drums since I was 18 but have never owned a kit, have a hard time saying no to Korean food, or the chance to pet a cat. I’m weirdly inspired by Midwestern America, but love to see and experience anything new.

All my work carries a strong Design sensibility, focusing on the synthesis of digital and traditional media to complete a visual idea.

The majority of work featured on my blog is my own, with an occasional post featuring what I consider exceptional visual art, music, or film. Cat stuff is all private.


 Adam J. Prichett @ The Rhumboogie 
 Vivian Hua @ Redefine 


 Anobium Literary  

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I like to help anyone with a good question, and I provide constructive criticism only when asked. Feel free to contact me at any time:

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