JacobvanLoon.com giveaway contest

The prize: 
This is a surface texture photo taken of Madison & Kohlhase, a painting I finished in 2011. This photo was taken of a section on the finished surface, which has been a theme in the documentation of my work for a few years now. 

The photograph is printed at 8x10” on glossy archival paper, and comes framed.

All said and done, there were over 1,200 entrants in the giveaway. After randomized selection, DevidSketchbook.com was selected winner!

I was honestly surprised by the level of interest, and plan to do another giveaway in a few months. For all the entrants still interested in this print, an open edition digital print of this piece is now available for purchase in my webstore.

Thank you all and happy new year.

(via coalblack)