my interaction with the student body is limited but whenever i’m working in the illustration lab there’s this young woman who comes in on occasion. she never says hello, never looks me in the eye, never sits down (possibly the most awkward factor), and certainly never says goodbye. she’s always pursing her lips, as if my smell, appearance, or perhaps entire existence, is cause for great upheaval only contained by her aptitude for consistent, high muscle tension. this isn’t a situation where i need another person to feign politeness to satisfy some selfish requirement of approval. there’s an overabundance of quiet weirdos in art academics but at least they’re chill.

Jacob van Loon
Mini Stations (Temples)

The newest addition to the Stations series is an elaboration on my experience with architecture being both redundant and new. Death (redundancy) occurs with passive observation of the same space over time. Rebirth (new perception) is a conscious decision to enter and exit the same space with the understanding it cannot be the same twice.